Top 10 Inspiring Women To Follow In 2021

Top 10 Inspiring Women To Follow In 2021

Women and their struggles to make a name for themselves in the entrepreneurial world have been monumental. Regardless of their industry, women have achieved tremendous growth in every sector wherever they step afoot. However, there was no magic formula that made them launch out of their cubicle confinement and made them successful in their entrepreneurial endeavors. It was their own passion, commitment sheer hard work, and patience of long years before their dream finally come to fruition.

The Top10 Inspiring Women of 2021 that we are presenting in this list today are a great example of what women can do when they have the confidence to pursue what they desire and with their impressive career journeys they are inspiring others to do the same.

  1. Kathrin Zenkina

A self-made multi-millionaire defying all logic and manifesting her dreams, Kathrin Zenkina came from humble beginnings. From humble beginnings as a Russian immigrant, bullied, shy girl, her journey with manifestation began all the WAY back in 2009, when she was introduced to the wildly popular self-help book- The Secret.  Over the next 10 years, she took her unwavering passion for Manifestation and set out on a mission to create an inspiring empire supporting hundreds of thousands of women across the globe– better known today as Manifestation Babe. Today, Manifestation Babe has helped over 200,000+ women across the globe see massive success in their lives too. Kathrina’s success was recognized by Forbes and various publications. Since starting her journey, she manifested everything she has in her life today. From the multi-7 figure business to her dream car, and her favorite manifestation ever, her soulmate and husband, Brennan.

2. Lauren Lograsso

Lauren LoGrasso is a multi-passionate creative best known for her extensive work as a singer/songwriter, podcast host, executive producer, creative coach and public speaker. As a singer/songwriter, she’s known for working with Grammy-Award Winning producer, Jeff Bova, having her music placed in the award-winning short film, Cats Outta The Bag and the award-winning feature film, Idyll, playing iconic venues such as House of Blues Sunset, The Viper Room, Hardrock Cafe (Hollywood and Detroit) and getting featured in People Magazine, Yahoo, on top shows on both SiriusXM and Terrestrial radio. As a public speaker she has inspired audiences on the topics of unleashing your creativity, the creative process, following your dreams, finding self-love and powerful storytelling at events such as the Girlboss Rally, Pretty Thing Tour, She Built It and The Dream is in Your Hands.

3. Mariana Macias

Mariana Macias is a coach, lecturer, and speaker specializing in the personal, business, and sports fields. Mariana works with big international clients like Colgate, Salesforce, Coca-Cola FEMSA as well as locals and start-ups in Mexico. Through an effective coaching methodology based on high top performance results, she has led more than 500 clients per year to gain real and sustainable results, as well as create a life they had always dreamed of. She is truly top of the food chain when it comes to life&business coaching. Her work was recognized in major media capitals such as New York, San Francisco, LA, and Chicago. She has been instrumental in transforming lives, creating clarity, and discovering more about themselves, leading to more significant work, life, and business success. 

4. Elizabeth Mccormick

Congressional Veteran Commendation recipient, Elizabeth McCormick travels the globe as a professional speaker, providing dynamic opening and closing keynotes at conferences, conventions, association meetings, and corporate events worldwide. With her unique messages, Elizabeth takes the challenges faced as a Black Hawk Helicopter pilot and Chief Warrant Officer for the United States Army and shares empowering, uplifting stories with relatable and actionable lessons. Elizabeth also supported United Nations (UN) peacekeeping operations in Kosovo. She is currently a disabled veteran, after suffering from a career-ending injury and forced into medical retirement. Elizabeth is a founding member of the John Maxwell Team of certified speakers, as well as an award-winning sales consultant. A dynamic entertainer, Elizabeth keynotes from main stages, conducts breakout sessions, and facilitates workshop training.

5. Ilana Muhlstein

Ilana Muhlstein, M.S., R.D.N. is one of the most sought-after weight-loss experts in the world, an acclaimed public speaker and influencer, published best-selling author that sits on the prestigious Executive Leadership Team for the American Heart Association. Ilana has been lecturing for the Bruin Health Improvement Program at UCLA since 2013 and is a contributing writer for distinguished publications including The Journal of Obesity, and has been featured in the LA Times, The Washington Post, Reader’s Digest, SHAPE, Health and Women’s Health. Ilana lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband Noah and two children, Olivia and Julian.

By the time Ilana was 13 years old, she weighed over 200 pounds and struggled with losing weight, emotional eating and diets that didn’t work. While most kids dream of becoming pop stars or famous athletes, Ilana’s early inspirations were the knowledgeable registered dietitians she met every summer at fat camp. She became one herself the first chance she got and used everything she learned to lose 100 pounds. Since then, she’s built a thriving private practice in Beverly Hills and helped hundreds of people lose weight happily–and keep it off.

6. Simone Gordon

Simone Gordon, affectionately known as The Black Fairy Godmother, has been featured on almost every T.V. talk show and news outlet you can think of, from The Kelly Clarkson Show to Good Morning America. And yet, the New Jersey native remains humble as the face of a network of ‘guardian angels’ who come to the rescue of thousands of women-led families living in abject poverty and experiencing domestic violence. Her mission is to restore Black and Brown families’ stability by removing the barriers that keep them in abject poverty and domestic violence situations. She created a nonprofit using the power of social media and crowdfunding to galvanize fellow ‘Fairy Godmothers’ to volunteer and contribute resources to help families in need. They provide full transparency on the families they serve, and they vet each situation to maintain their organization’s integrity.

Simone Gordon is also a motivational speaker and 2020 Webby Award Winner

7. Nerissa Nefeteri

Nerissa Nefeteri is a wife, mother, doula, and powerhouse of a businesswoman who has created platforms centered around womb wellness and feminine health. Each platform was intentionally created to cater to the experience of womanhood, sisterhood, and toxic-free alternatives to living. These sacred spaces have become a community for women to share their experiences, explore their sensuality, and learn self-care tools and practices that help them connect more with their own health, energy, and essence.

8. Courtney Baker

Courtney Baker is a business coach for women launching an online coaching business. She is an expert in online marketing strategies that managed to scale her coaching business from zero to over $200,000 in just a year. She made her first six figures with an audience of just 3,000 people. She is the host of The Business of Coaching Podcast and specializes in helping women learn marketing strategies that bring massive success. Courtney has over eleven years of experience working in the online coaching industry and has helped many clients scale to six figures. Her work was recognized by Forbes magazine.

9. Heather Monahan

Heather Monahan is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, TedX speaker, Executive Coach and more recently been appointed to the Board of Directors for Healthlynked Corp. After successfully climbing the corporate ladder 20 years plus, Heather is one of the select women to break the glass ceiling, claiming her deserved spot in the C-Suite.

Heather’s accolades do not stop there. In 2017, she was touted as One of the Most Influential Women in Radio; the following year Thrive Global named her a Limit Breaking Female Founder.

Her engaging story has been told in her book, Confidence Creator, which shot to the top spot in the Amazon Business biography category. This led to the development of Heather’s podcast which is consistently in the Top 200 podcasts on Apple. Heather has been a consistent achiever since her humble beginnings, for example -in her early 20’s she was able to net $30 Million on a sale with her business partners. With such an array of successes and media praise, you would be fooled to not check out Heather’s newest book, Leapfrogging Villains.

10. Seffie Wells

Seffie Wells is the Founder, CEO & Board of Directors aidie London & The Aidie Trust, 40x Award-Winning Impact Entrepreneur, Championing Female Entrepreneurs Through Private Mentoring, Award-Winning Author & Product Designer. Baby brand, aidie London, produces the world’s only shoes, designed by experts in infant development. Their shoes actively enhance Cognitive function in babies, during the walking process. Aidie London has now captured over 32 international awards in its first two years trading and Wells has become an ambassador for domestic violence charity, White Ribbon. The entrepreneur wants to use the success she has achieved to assist others on their journey. She runs an executive coaching programme for female entrepreneurs with the next cycle starting in March 2021. In 2020, Wells launched The Aidie Trust, which supports and gives grants to mothers of babies living in domestic abuse refuges in the UK. With her industry connections and drive –we are sure Seffie Wells will continue to shine.

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