Faris Preljevic Gives Tips On How To Craft A Great Brand Story As A Personality Brand

Faris Preljevic Gives Tips On How To Craft A Great Brand Story As A Personality Brand

Every business has a story to share. Depending on how good your story is and how well you can articulate that story to your audience is how big of a brand you will be able to create. While very few brands are very good at sharing their unique message with their audience, most struggle to even figure out what their message is.

Faris Preljevic is one expert that specializes in identifying businesses’ unique characteristics and crafting their unique message for them. He views himself as a PR and marketing nerd that loves to work with personality brands, life coaches, consultants and help them get their message to the masses.

When asked about what a brand story is he goes on to say:

“Imagine you’re on a first date, and your partner asks you: “So, what’s your story?” It’s a straightforward question, but it’s a broad enough question that invites the answerer (you) to take unlimited paths. How do you want to present yourself? What will be the first thing you’ll share? Will you talk about your strengths, your affinity for books, how close you are to your family—or will you start slow with the basics?

What details you decide to share and how you frame them is your story.“

He believes that sharing parts of who we are is an intimate act, and it helps us grow closer to one another. It’s not always a comfortable decision to make but if your business shares its story with your audience, they will feel more connected to your business.

Faris believes that the first thing you need to figure out while crafting your brand story is the why.

“The why makes the essence of the story and most businesses have difficulty explaining why they are in business. Expressing the why through stories about the first years in business is a great PR tool to use. If your why aligns with the values of your audience you will establish a connection and develop a community that will propel your brand to new heights. This is how you create customers for life.“

Once you know why you’re in business, you need to figure out why you are sharing your story with the audience. Have a clear goal in mind. Are you telling your story to reinforce your brand’s position in the mind of current customers? Are you trying to use your story to capture the attention of prospective customers? Developing effective stories with a clear goal in mind will turn your followers into leads and eventually those leads into loyal customers.

Once you set your goal, make sure that your story is shareable. Faris believes that this point can’t be emphasized enough.

He believes that you should put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer. Looking at your story from the outside; do you connect with it on an emotional level? Are you inspired to share the story with your friends? Does the narrative further interest you in the products/services provided by the brand?

„The better you can answer these, objectively, the more effective your story will be.“

Lastly, make sure that you share your brand story in the right places. Pick and choose where you want to share your brand story. It’s important to find mediums that align with your values and that your audience trusts and follows those mediums. Don’t focus on popularity or audience size but focus on reaching the correct 1000, or even 100, people at first. If you do this correctly, you have a clear why and your story is shareable then these 100 or 1000 people will spread your story and make you go viral.

If you’re having trouble crafting your brand story and you need help from an expert. Reach out to Faris via LinkedIn or visit his website

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